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What is the Best Age to Start Training a Dog?

Posted by on March 4, 2015

You already are! That’s right, if you are living with your dog, your dog is already learning. Every word, every touch, every interaction of any kind is dog training. The real question is: what are you teaching your dog? To discover what your dog is learning, take a look at your dog’s behavior. You might be unintentionally rewarding behaviors you don’t want.

If you’ve been putting off training, don’t worry: most any dog can be trained regardless of age, although it is easier the younger that you start. Our Puppy Training Class is the ideal place to start training.

So your puppy is not really a puppy anymore? The answer now becomes: the best time to start training your puppy is NOW! The issue with continuing to put off training because of a busy schedule is that the puppy is getting older and is practicing and reinforcing the behavior patterns it is being taught. Consider one of our board and train programs if there just is not enough time in the day (between baseball, piano lessons, work and carpool…) to actively train your dog.

All this being said the best answer to the question, ‘When should I start training my dog?’ is: the day that you are ready to start!

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