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Pet Resorts Opens New Doggie Daycare Center

Posted by on February 10, 2012

A new doggie daycare will open soon!

Pet Resorts of America in West Nashville will open a new doggie daycare center. We are currently a pet boarding facility with the largest indoor/outdoor runs in Nashville. We believe in giving your pet plenty of room and the ability to go in or out when they want to.  The new dog daycare building will allow us to let dogs play together all day long and participate in various activities through out the day. There will be playing, socializing, training, bathing, games and most of all FUN!

DAYCARE – We are currently providing day care at Pet Resorts boarding facility. Pricing right now is the same as overnight boarding, until we get our new building constructed.

Why is Doggie Daycare Nashville the best for your dog ?

One of the benefits of utilizing our doggie daycare is exercise. Our daycare offers the opportunity for your dogs to keep their minds and bodies active. Regular visits to doggie daycare can reduce the probability of dogs being bored at home. Boredom can lead to excessive barking and destructive behaviors. At Doggie Daycare Nashville, your dog will play all day with friends and enjoy a swimming pool. These activities and fun could help him to burn off any excess energy and become more friendly and tolerant. Each dog has a different personality and also different needs. Some dogs might be so well-adapted to many situations that they can come into our doggie daycare once a month and get along great within our group setting. Other dogs benefit from regular visits to our daycare (daily) and respond better to our daycare handlers because of the consistency.

Dogs are very social animals by nature and enjoy the company of other dogs. It is a wonderful feeling to bring your dog along on walks and not have to worry about your pup’s reactions toward other dogs along the way. Many dogs that regularly attend our doggie daycare are happy to meet new dogs and people.

We divide dogs up into play groups according to their temperament energy levels so they all get along and have a great time. Check our selection of players.




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