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Why Train Your Dog?

Posted by on February 1, 2013

To improve your relationship! Training your dog establishes good communications between you and your dog by teaching the behavior you expect from them. Dogs are social pack animals by nature and they have their own language to communicate with each other.

You may need dog training, if your dog

  • doesn’t obey any of your commands
  • pulls at the leash when walked
  • growls when you try to take food, bones, or toys
  • doesn’t come when called
  • doesn’t respond when you say their name
  • doesn’t sit or stay when told
  • won’t go to “place” (bed or crate) and stay

In order to have the best relationship possible with your pet, it is important for you to understand their language. They will also take comfort and feel more secure when they know you are the pack leader.

Let us train your dog for you if you are

  • too busy or working long hours
  • don’t have the patience or feel you don’t have the ability to train
  • can’t find the time to take your dog to those everyday group classes
  • planning to take that vacation you always wanted
  • going on a business trip
  • moving or remodeling your home

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